The smash hit game! Control your cell and eat other players to grow larger! Play with millions of players around the world and try to become the biggest cell of all!

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    How To Play Agario?

    The game Agario is a game designed to resemble the division of cells. During the game, you try to attach to your cell other, smaller in size. Within the boundaries of the map, you can give direction to your cell using mouse movements. In the online game you can play as a single player.

    The game also has the option for those who want to fight as a team. Thanks to the various options and structure that the game has, it offers support for those who want to assemble a team with common goals and tactics. The game has a simple interface in which all players are presented as circles of different colors, battling each other. Access to the game web page is possible at any time and does not require registration. If you get bored during the day, this game will be a great pastime.

    You can also find pictures for your character by pressing the "All Skins" button.
    You can direct your character via mouse, you can throw small baits with W key and
    finally you can be split into two parts with "Space" key

    Little tip!

    when you first start the game you can feed and eat, and then you can divide and swallow the players who are smaller than you by pressing the space key and also if you are from the w key, you can search for the bait.


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